Alter Obstkeller

The fruit cellar is a very good address for celebrations and celebrations of all kinds on a large scale. It has a large, high-ceilinged hall with exposed beams (roof beams), separate adjoining room (eg for training), spacious terrace with apple orchard, catering facilities, a mobile stage and much more.
The fruit cellar is barrier-free.
We, the Hotel Schmitt, offer the guests of the festivities our accommodation and a comfortable setting for a weekend in Mönchberg.
Located on the outskirts of the old fruit cellar can be reached in a few minutes by car and in about 30 minutes on foot..

Andrea Stahl
Alter Obstkeller
Am hohen Bild 23 |  63933 Mönchberg

Phone: +49 9374 902156
Fax: +49 9374 9799730

Bakery pastry Weigl

The Mönchberger bakery is a family business in 7th generation!
It is precisely this tradition that means for the Weig family to always be up-to-date and to create oven-fresh, home-made baked goods, as well as the finest confectionery products with extraordinary ideas combined with high-quality ingredients.
Tradition and quality that you can taste!

Weigl's Bäckerei
Hauptstraße 45 |  63933 Mönchberg

Phone: +49 9374 594
Bäckerei Weigl

Butcher Bischof

Metzgerei Thomas Bischof
Mainstraße 7 |  63920 Großheubach

Phone: +49 9371-2712
Metzgerei Bischof

Drinks Büchner

Mönchberger beverage distribution with party and fixed service.

Josef Büchner
Getränke Büchner
Mechenharder Weg 6 |  63933 Mönchberg

Phone: +49 9374 1277
Getränke Büchner

Brewery Faust

Best beer quality and first-class taste for the region - that's their philosophy. The brewing house Faust in Miltenberg has been home for over 350 years and is the brewery for Odenwald, Spessart and the neighboring regions. "Here we are at home, and that is our strength," is the motto of Familei Faust. While other breweries are struggling to become known worldwide, the brewhouse Faust enjoys being known in the region.

Brauhaus Faust OHG
Hauptstraße 219 |  63897 Miltenberg

Phone: +49 9371 9713-0
Fax: +49 9371 9713-99
Logo Faust

Distelhäuser brewery

In the middle of the countryside, on the banks of the Tauber and directly on the "Romantic Road", lies a small village: the Tauberbischofsheimer district Distelhausen. Here is the Distelhäuser brewery. Since 1876 the brewery is owned by the Bauer family.

Distelhäuser Brauerei GmbH & CO KG
Grünsfelder Str. 3 |  97941 TBB-Distelhausen

Phone: +49 9341 805-0
Fax: +49 9341 805-351
Logo Distelhäuser

Poultry farm Christoph Repp

In the small family business, most of the production is still done by hand, which means that the products are subject to quality controls by the manufacturer at all times.

Geflügelfarm Christoph Repp
Auweg 25 |  63920 Großheubach

Phone: +49 9371 80286
E-mail: repp-groß
Geflügelfarm Repp

Winery Erhard Helmstetter

Erhard und Max Helmstetter
Weingut Erhard Helmstetter
Bainweg 1 |  63927 Bürgstadt

Phone: +49 9371 3341
Fax: +49 9371 66237
Logo Helmstetter

Winery Rudolf Fürst


Weingut Rudolf Fürst
Hohenlindenweg 46 |  63927 Bürgstadt

Phone: +49 9371 8642
Fax: +49 9371 69230

Winery Stich


Weingut Stich "im Löwen"
Freudenberger Str. 73 |  63927 Bürgstadt

Phone: +49 9371 5705
Fax: +49 9371 80973
Weingut Stich

Winery Stadt Klingenberg

Weingut Stadt Klingenberg
Wilhelmstraße 107 |  63911 Klingenberg

Phone: +49 9372 2438
Fax: +49 3972 921059
Weingut Stadt Klingenberg