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Our company holidays 2020: 02.01.2020 up to and including 09.02.2020

Alter Obstkeller

The fruit cellar is a very good address for celebrations and celebrations of all kinds on a large scale. It has a large, high-ceilinged hall with exposed beams (roof beams), separate adjoining room (eg for training), spacious terrace with apple orchard, catering facilities, a mobile stage and much more.
The fruit cellar is barrier-free.
We, the Hotel Schmitt, offer the guests of the festivities our accommodation and a comfortable setting for a weekend in Mönchberg.
Located on the outskirts of the old fruit cellar can be reached in a few minutes by car and in about 30 minutes on foot..

Andrea Stahl
Alter Obstkeller
Am hohen Bild 23 |  63933 Mönchberg

Phone: +49 9374 902156
Fax: +49 9374 9799730
E-mail: info@obstkeller.de