Bäckerei Weigl

Bakery pastry Weigl

Bakery pastry Weigl

The Mönchberger bakery is a family business in 7th generation!
It is precisely this tradition that means for the Weig family to always be up-to-date and to create oven-fresh, home-made baked goods, as well as the finest confectionery products with extraordinary ideas combined with high-quality ingredients.
Tradition and quality that you can taste!

Telephone: +4909374594
Fax: +49
Website: https://www.baeckerei-weigl.de
Street & street No.: Hauptstraße 45
Postcode & City: 63933 Mönchberg
Country: Germany

Hotel Schmitt e.K.

Urbanusstraße 12, 63933 Mönchberg im Spessart (60km von Frankfurt)
Tel.:+49 9374 2090