Here are listed dishes which we lead all year round on our menu. In addition, spontaneous and seasonal changes are possible at any time! For example, you can also find a curry coconut soup, a matjestar, ox cheeks or a veal steak on our menu.
From Monday to Thursday you can also choose from varying inexpensive daily specials.




Franconian beef broth
with vegetable strips and herb semolina dumplings        4,90 Euro
Sheep cheese served in pans,
baked in the oven with olive oil, rosemary, tomatoes and olives,
served with baguette        9,80 Euro
Carpaccio of beef fillets,
with freshly grated parmesan and baguette        15,80 Euro
Colorful side salad
with herb vinaigrette        4,80 Euro


Cordon Bleu - "International"


filled with cheese and ham,
served with cranberries and homemade croquettes


filled with Parma ham and mozzarella,
with aioli and rosemary potatoes
filled with cheese, meatloaf and freshly grated horseradish,
Serve with potato cucumber salad
Optionally with:
Pork back 14,20 Euro
Veal back 19,00 Euro




Our classic - Original Wiener Schnitzel
of veal, fried in butter, optionally with
Potato cucumber salad or        18.80 Euro
French fries and salads of the season        21,00 Euro
Braised ox biscuits
in Spätburgunder sauce, we also add vegetable strips,
Cranberries and homemade potato dumplings        17,00 Euro
Frankenrumpsteak 220 grams
medium fried, with french fries and salads of the season,
alternatively herbal butter or onions        22,00 Euro
Cooking levels: medium rare = bloody-red, medium = full-pink, welldone = juicy-gray




Frankish pikeperch fillet with 2 fried king prawns
crispy on the skin, served on
Tarragon lemon sauce, served with wide noodles
and salads of the season        23.50 Euro
Autumn salad plate with 4 fried giant prawns
richly garnished,
serves aioli and baguette         17,50 Euro



Autumn salad selection
(on request also with bacon strips)
baked with goat cheese and with honey         13,80 Euro
with roasted pine nuts in truffle cream,
served with a tomato salad        16.80 Euro
Homemade porcini ravioli
with thyme butter and freshly grated Parmesan cheese,
Salads of the season        18,00 Euro




Stramber Max
with raw ham and two fried eggs,
richly garnished        9,00 Euro
Swiss sausage salad ***
with cheese, we serve butter,
Brown bread or roasted potatoes        9,80 / 12,80 Euro
Matje Filet "Housewife Art"
Sour cream sauce with onions, gherkins and apple, richly garnished,
Served with boiled potatoes        12,80 Euro
"Vespers" ***
richly garnished with sausage, cheese and ham,
We will give you butter and brown bread        12,80 Euro
*** phosphate




"Hot love"
Vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries and whipped cream        6,80 Euro
Creme brulee
Crunchy caramelized with a cam of walnut ice cream        7.00 Euro
passion fruit sorbet
Infused with Prosecco        7.80 Euro
"Cheese closes the stomach"
Cheese selection with fig mustard and bread        9,00 Euro
"The little sweet graduation"
A scoop of homemade cantuccini vanilla ice cream,
served with an espresso        4.50 Euro